Screwballs, Shot Clocks & Seat Charts

In this episode you will find: How much (or how little) the new pitch clocks have affected the game at the Double-A & Triple-A levels. Bowling Green has a kid throwing a nasty screwball and who gets to choose what uniform the team wears? Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: The Astros need a shortstop with the injury to Jed Lowrie. For the moment they have not opted to

Mclovin, Joba the Hut & Opening Day

In this episode you will find: A candid conversation regarding Jason Burch and what his MILB experience was like as a gay man. Opening Day rosters are here and Kris Bryant is backed by the MLBPA. Also, Sam actually makes a few good points. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: Mike makes a trip down to Florida for Spring Training and reconvenes with former Curve players. The story of

Long Balls, Logos & Lasting Images

In this episode you will find: New MILB logos along with new ownership groups taking over. Spring Training has begun and we take a stab at some early over/under preseason predictions. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: The Frisco Rough Riders unveiled a new Teddy Roosevelt-themed logo (pictured) while the new NYPL franchise in Morgantown West Virginia opts for a more dressed down MILB look. We take a few

Fat Suits, Drug Suspensions & Some Top Prospects

In this episode you will find: A bit of conversation on some NSF supplements, a rash of MILB suspensions, mascots and the new top 100 prospect list from Baseball America. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: Over the course of the off-season more than a handful of MILB players have been suspended for 50 games due to usage of “drugs of abuse” and other violations. The crew talks about

A Van Named Shaggy

In this episode you will find: A little conversation on MILB and the new pitch clock, guitar picks and vagabonds. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: Back at it with the first post of 2015. MLB dropped a hammer over last week to announcing that all Triple-A and Double-A clubs will have a “20 second pitch clock” for each game. That of course raises a slew of questions, concerns,

Pigs, Parties and Fireball

In this episode you will find: The denizens of MILB in full force, post Winter Meetings. MLR breaks down the Wil Myers deal, holiday parties and the live mascot feeding schedule. Hamburgers shaped like hot dogs and the San Diego chicken also make a guest appearance. Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: Here we go again, with a semblance of a schedule after the long layoff, MLR is back

It’s About Time

It’s been too long, so we put together a show, just in time for the Winter Meetings. Our apologies for the delay, life got in the way. Thanks to everyone for checking in on us over the past few months! Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: After a six month hiatus due to slacking, laziness and the real world getting in the way, the MLR report is back. You

The Minor League Report Episode 75 – The Lunch Bus

Hot Dogs, brats, burgers, fireworks, and BASEBALL! There’s nothing like the 4th of July and baseball! We hope everyone had a Happy and more importantly SAFE 4th of July. Did you take in a Minor League Baseball game on the 4th? Don’t forget to send us your pics on Instagram! Here’s what you’ll get in this episode: The crew discusses the all-american ritual of baseball, fireworks and the 4th of

The Minor League Report Episode 74 – Trouble with the 9’s

We’re at the halfway point of the Minor League Baseball season. Who’s been your biggest surprise? Who’s been the biggest disappointment? Can Kris Bryant keep up his torrid pace in Iowa? If you’re a Cubs fan, you’ve got to be excited about the future. What about the Astros and their Minor League talent? The Cardinals? Lots of great first half story lines so far in 2014. Now on to the

The Minor League Report Episode 73 – More Arm Injuries

We hope all you DAD’s out there had a wonderful Fathers Day and hopefully you spent it at a Minor League ballpark somewhere! Do you have any fond memories of your family at a Minor League game on Fathers Day? We’d love to hear your stories. Also Minor League All Star games are just around the corner! Are you making plans to attend one near you? Here’s what you’ll get