Taxation and driving licenses in Canada

canada immigration consultants in dubai will ensure that you know what to do when you get to Canada. If you are a person who likes driving or in business and you want to go and establish yourself in Canada, it will be best to know about driving licenses and taxation the way it is done in Canada.

• Driving licenses: Most of the examinations or tests that you have already completed in your home country might not be what is required in Canada. Or it might be that you require some paperwork in order to convert it for use in Canada. driving licenses in Canada are awarded by the provinces and not the federal governments with specific testing and rules procedures for different provinces applying.
There are countries that have agreements with the provinces for their driving licenses. You will need to check out for international licensing rules in your particular province or territory to make sure that you get the right documentation before you get to Canada.
• Taxation: Under the decentralized federal system in Canada, taxes are normally levied on different levels. When it comes to income tax, you will find that it is being collected by both the provincial and federal governments. Depending on your terms of employment and your status, you might be entitled to a tax refund after every fiscal year.
When it comes to sales tax, it is different for different provinces but ranges between 5% to 14.975%. So you will need to check out with your specific province to know what you will be charged. They are normally added at the point of sale and not on the price tag that you see on the product you are purchasing. This means that you will need to be aware that when you see a product with a $10 price, it is going to cost you more when you pay for it.